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The administrative panel allows the owner to monitor the growth of the network and the development of the business. The administrator has full control and can configure the system the way he wants, using the tools and modules available. And the main thing: he can manage the three offices: administrator, distributor and virtual store.

In this menu, the administrator has access to bank accounts, account verification, withdrawal request, the network, pending entries, referral report and deleted entries.

The administrator can access the website settings and make the changes and edits he deems necessary. Example: layouts, gallery, catalogs, company, news, banners, products, etc.

The administrator has access to plans, qualification, customer type, monthly activation, balance movement, user and sponsor change, administrators, data import, etc.

The administrator can insert news and make downloads available. In addition to having access to information about distributors, bonuses, purchases, CDs / stores and split payments.

The administrator can check all the bonuses installed in his system, those that are foreseen in the business plan. In addition to accessing consumption group settings, links, permissions, etc.


    We create and develop solutions with the best cost-benefit ratio in the market.


    With our system you can be sure the return is much greater than the amount invested.


    We have specialized teams of consultants, developers, designers, web content creators, finance, human resources and technical support.

System Exclusivities

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all products or services can be used in the Direct Sales model. There is still a lot of space for new companies, and yours can be a differential in the sector.

We have different compensation plans in our system, they are: Binary Network, Unilevel, Forced Matrix and Australian. You can use the best one that fit in your business plan.

We have the Brazilian Association of Direct Sales Companies (ABEVD) seal, responsible for ensuring companies conduct, legally incorporated in the sector. We also strictly follow the rules and guidelines defined by the Federal Public Ministry.

Available payment gateways: Cielo, Paypal, PagSeguro Checkout, PagSeguro transparent and PagSeguro Split, Boleto registered, Sicoob, Getnet, Itaú Shopline, deposit and bank transfer.

In order for us to define the price according to your needs, an analysis of your business plan is needed. Request a demo or contact us at +55 62 98230-1150 to send you a quote.

Click here, to request a system demonstration. It is free!

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