We are Maxnivel, a
Direct Selling
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Maxnível emerged from the great growth of Brazilian Direct Selling, when we realized the needs of entrepreneurs when managing their businesses in a modern and efficient way.

This is the reason we created the Maxnivel system, which offers an ideal environment for companies in need of operating in this segment and offers convenience to sellers and consumers. In association with Objeto Comunicação e Tecnologia, we have 10 years' experience in the software development market and more than 100 clients using our system.

Brazil is ranked 6th in the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) ranking. Market demand forces Maxnivel system to grow, gaining new customers and improving its software, following the sector growth.

Four years ago, our system was conceived, planned and developed to operate at scale and has been constantly evolving to expand its capacity, in terms of user amount and features. Today, to achieve our targets and goals set, we need to automate sales and ensure constant system improvements.

Our Motivation

Create and develop solutions oriented to the Direct Sales segment. We strive for excellence as an organization, with the goal of achieving financial stability, the fulfillment of dreams and a better vision for a better life for our clients and their employees.


To become a benchmark technology market, offering our clients security and peace of mind. Seek continuous growth, expanding Maxnivel to other countries, to Mercosur and then to other continents, thus turning it into a company with global operations.


Credibility, trust, attitude, flexibility, authenticity, humanity, resilience, respect, ethics and transparency.

“Your Company at the
Maximum Level

(2014) We expanded the company

We expanded our team and moved to another address.

(2016) ABEVD partnership

MaxNivel has entered into a partnership with ABEVD “Brazilian Direct Sales Companies Association”.

(2018) Over 10 years in the market

Maxnível has over 10 years of experience in the Web market.

(2019) Up to 150 clients attended

Maxnivel has served more than 150 B2B clients.

(2019) Up to 210,000 users

Our system serves more than two hundred and ten thousand families around the world.


Here, you can meet some of our customers. There are more than 100 companies placing their trust in the efficiency of our software and in the work of the Maxnível team, and we appreciate their trust. Let's go ahead, conquering together!






Market Experience